Indo Australian Hearing Centre offers the following services:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessments for Children (3+ years) and Adults
  • Hearing rehabilitation services including prescription, fitting and evaluation of hearing aids
  • Ongoing follow-up, programming and maintenance of hearing aids
  • Advice and fitting of Assistive Listening Devices
  • Tinnitus counselling
  • Advice on Noise protection and custom made noise protection devices
  • Advice and fitting of custom made musician ear plugs
  • Hearing aid repairs (major and minor repairs)
  • Sale of hearing aid batteries and other hearing aid accessories

Children's hearing test

Not all hearing healthcare clinics provide hearing tests for children.
Common indications for children's hearing tests include:

  • Delayed speech
  • Regular or recurrent ear infections
  • Family history
  • Poor school performance
  • Learning disorder
  • Syndromes that have a known association with hearing loss.

If you suspect your child has a hearing loss, call Indo Australian Hearing Centre on 9544037382 to arrange an appointment for a comprehensive hearing assessment performed by a qualified Audiologist.